Custom Portraits by Kurt | About

Hi, I'm Kurt, thanks for stopping by my site! I am a mountain loving, camera toting, coffee drinking, rugby coaching, camping, fishing, adventure seeking, backpacking, softball playing, meat grilling, craft beer drinking, biking, hiking, ocean loving, travel seeking, father of two boys. 

I am proud of my boys and I am enjoying watching them make their way in the world in their own unique ways. I love my family and my friends and I am always looking for an opportunity to create another outdoor adventure with them. Whether it is canoeing in Canada, hiking in the mountains or fishing in the ocean, I am most myself when I am somewhere outside exploring and surrounded by nature.

I love creating portraits that capture relationships and personalities. Making people laugh is one of my favorite things and there is a special moment right at the end of laughter where you get an honest smile that looks and even feels natural. My favorite part of being a photographer is creating a portrait that is genuine and beautiful enough to move someone to tears (the good kind)!

I was born and raised in Central Indiana, but I have lived in upstate New York, London, and the mountains of California. I moved back to Indiana in 1995, joined the National Guard in 1996 and started my family in 1997. In 1998, I started my professional photography career and I'm still at it after 18 years. It has been an amazing adventure that has allowed me to meet some truly fantastic people and I feel incredibly honored to have been able to help them capture some of the most memorable moments in their lives.